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X4 - Citroën Xantia replacement 


X40 is the Berline and X41 is the Break.  It is rumoured that the new car will be fitted with the Dynalto system and either with Hydractive suspension or the new decentralised Hydractive 3 suspension system. 

It is also rumoured that there will be a 4 x 4 version (above).


STOP PRESS - it is highly likely that X4 will be badged C5 (8.6.200)
According to Auto Plus and Auto Express, this is the name selected for the new model, due in September 2000.  Auto Express takes the idiotic line that the car has been named after the Sinclair C5 electric three-wheeler.  Whether this name will be used or not has neither been confirmed nor denied by Neuilly.

Auto Plus and Auto Express published slightly different pictures, shot on test in the USA.

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