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CitroŽn Saipac 2CV, Jiane Sedan, Jiane Pickup and Mehari

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Above - the first Saipa-built car was the 2CV Fourgonnette AK 350 in 1968.

Below - an estate car was also built

Above - Jiane pickup

Below - Meharis and Jianes on a freight train


The Jiane (Pharsi for "lion") was an Iranian assembled Dyane, including a pick up variant, built there in the nineteen seventies. A version of the Baby Brousse (called Mehari - without the diacritic) was also assembled in Iran.

Above - Jiane glazed pickup

Above, below and left - Jiane pickup

Above and left - Baby Brousse/Mehari - a metal-bodied vehicle not unlike the Greek Pony, the FAF, the Dalat and the YagŠn.

The pages below come from a 1975 brochure for the Jiane and are reproduced with the kind permission of Blair Anderson of the CitroŽn Connection and of Noush Richards who also provided the translations

Click here for a 1970 or 1971 brochure

The cover page shows the production year.
1354 in the Persian Calendar and 1975 in the Western Calendar''

The text at the bottom right says
Jiane sedan 602

Jiane sedan

Beautiful, hard working and durable
CITROňN automobile production company of Iran
Teheran: Eisenhower Ave. No. 553 Tel. 972071-5



Jiane is an ideal automobile for people who want a complete car at low cost. Cruise at up to 120 KPH. Travel at top speed, because the forced air engine oil cooling system enables high rev operation for long periods. Special suspension system of Jiane offers more comfortable driving. The system of adjustable height for headlights and chassis allows for travel on the rough mountain roads, time savings in city driving, more comfort when traveling or on picnics. On rough roads the independent 4 wheel shock absorbed suspension is another feature of Jiane, and the simple all steel chassis construction is for people who like the quiet life. With Jiane you can enjoy driving in enjoyable fresh air thanks to easily rolled back roof, the large boot lets you carry lot of personal items. And finally the Jiane is economical, with fuel consumption of 6.5 litres per 100 KM


The fourth product from CitroŽn Iran Automobile factory.
Mehari with heavy galvanized body and the stronger stuspension arms is being offered to CitroŽn lovers.
Mehari is a car for wide range of work and preferences and will provide you with faithful service. It is ideal for young people for use in all seasons with little expense.
Tradesmen, contractors, farmers, hunters, small businesses and workers need a small vehicle like Mehari that can carry loads of around 500 kilos with minimal cost.
Mehari with its special gearbox can operate with ease on snow, sand and soft soil.
The suspension of the Mehari is similar to Jiane passenger vehicles and offers comfort for the occupants.



Two cyl. 602 CC 74x7O mm

Engine cooling: air cooled

Horse power: 33

Tyres: 135x380


4 speed forward + reverse

Dimensions and weight:

Overall length: 3.9 meters

Overall width 1.5 meters

Overall height 1.54 meters

Dry weight 600 Kg


Fuel tank: 25 litres

Engine 2.5 litres

Gearbox: 0.9 litre


Max speed: 130 KPH

Fuel consumption: 6.5 litre per 100 Km at 80 KPH



2 cyl 602cc 74x7Omm

Engine cooling: Air cooled

Engine horsepower: 33

Tyres: 135x380


4 speed forward + reverse

Dimensions and weight:

Overall length: 3.52 meters

Overall width 1.53 meters

Dry weight 600 Kg


Fuel tank: 25 litres

Engine: 2.5 litres

Gearbox: 1 litre


Max speed 120 KPH

Fuel consumption 6.5 L 100 at 80 KPH


Technical Data

Engine displacement 602 CC (Bore 74 mm Stroke 70 mm)

Compression ratio 8.5:1

Engine horsepower 32.8 HP (SAE) at 5750 RPM

Engine torque 4.3 Kg/Meter (SAE) at 3500 to 4500 RPM

Maximum Speed 120 KPH

Engine Cooling System Air with 9 blade fan

Front Differential (Front wheel drive) and gearbox with synchronised 4 speed plus reverse manual shift

Turning radius 5.36 meters

Suspension System Coil springs horizontally mounted between front and rear wheels, plus 4 oil shock absorbers. Independent suspension

Tyre size 135x380

Brakes: four wheel hydraulic drums with lever actuated hand brake on front wheels

Electrical system Charging system equipped with 12 volts 360 watts alternator.
Adjustable headlights from inside of cab.

Bodywork Reinforced chassis at front axle area.
Openable roof with two positions, half open and fully open

Weight: 620 Kilograms, total weight with cargo and passengers 955 Kilograms.

Overall length 3.90 meters

Overall width 1.50 meters

Height unloaded 1.54 meters

Glovebox: 250 cc

Fuel capacity: 25 Litres

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