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CitroŽn C4 saloon and coupť:

sharp styling and a relaxed, enjoyable drive


A wide range of advanced technology powerplants

  • Five petrol engines from launch

  • Three diesel engines offering exceptional performance and fuel consumption


Impeccable road manners


A relaxed enjoyable drive

  • Innovative and modern driving aids


High-level passive safety

A new expression of onboard comfort

 Two cars of distinctive styling

  • The C4 style: fluid lines and strong aerodynamics

  • A saloon of assertive design

  • A coupť with a difference


Architecture combining aerodynamic design and generous volumes

  • Best Cd in its category

  • Class-beating interior space


Innovations for on-board comfort and relaxed driving

  • Driving ergonomics

  • Life on board

  • Practical convenience

  • High-tech communication equipment