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CitroŽn CX Orphťe Cabriolet by Deslandes

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At the 1984 Paris Salon, the coachbuilding firm Guy Deslandes Design exhibited a CX Cabriolet called Orphťe.

Guy Deslandes was a long time CitroŽn enthusiast and in particular was an admirer of the DS Usine cabriolet and of Chapron's Mylord SM. Desiring to own a CX cabriolet, he contacted the two leading coachbuilders in France - Chapron and Heuliez. Chapron came up with a design which was far too expensive and Heuliez declared that such a conversion was impossible. Thus Deslandes embarked on the project by himself.

Below the fourth car was fitted with series 2 bumpers

Right the instrument panel was manufactured by Jaeger was was readily available from the Accessoirie CitroŽn catalogue.

Tail lights were borrowed from the Visa

Above Deslandes also proposed this 4 seat coupť called Avrilly

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